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Epoxy resin units – iMT spray systems

Our 2-components mixing and dosing units for epoxy resins stand out with compact dimensions and frequency controlled pumps.

 The units can be operated while hoisted on a crane and optionally used as a refilling unit.

 The Klebe Mix 2x2K-ND is the largest adhesive resin unit in our range so far. The
quantity of material carried allows simultaneous operation with two units on one
component. A and B component refill is done with a separate refill station.

Technical specifications

  • Discharging amount approx. 5 - 15 l/min. Higher amounts on request
  • Variable mixing ratios
  • Flow meters to monitor the amount of material used
  • Continuous monitoring of forerun and return during production
  • Pressure monitoring with automatic safety switch-off
  • PLC with display for permanent control of amount, mixing ratio and temperature.
  • Automatic audible and visual empty signal
  • various containers possible: 200 l drums for A- and B component or permanently installed drums, 350 l A component and 250 l B component (in combination with a refilling station)
  • Electrically driven spindle pumps (pulsation free)

Epoxy resin units – iMT spray systems
Epoxy resin units – iMT spray systems
Epoxy resin units – iMT spray systems